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This page has all the info you need to know about the clan citadel and what it offers you as an individual aswell as the entire clan.

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All clanmates are required to visit our clans citadel weekly and contribute to the citadel in the form of resources. There are various skill plots located around the citadel where these resources can be earned and are immeadietly sent into clan storage for use in upkeep and upgrades for the citadel. Working at the plots earns you a generous amount of xp and it's completely free!


  • All players must visit every week
  • All players must contribute a minimum amount of 800 resources per week
  • Failure to do resources may result in the temporary or permanent loss of rank


  • Able to raise fealty rank by max capping at the citadel weekly
  • The higher your fealty rank the more xp you earn at the plots
  • Chance to win prizes for clan members who max cap weekly
  • Claim a clan ring from the Quartermaster to gain bonus xp

There are a maximum of 3 fealty ranks, each rank provides 15% more xp at a skill plot making the total amount at rank 3 45%. Fealty rank 3 is also a requirement to apply for jobs within the clan.

Players who do not contribute will be punished, this is a team project and a long work in progress which benefits everyone in the clan. If you refuse to help then you are not a team player which is what the clan is all about - help and support.

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the minimal cap you MUST get a clan overseer or above to verify it, this is so we know who has and hasn't contributed.