Athalvard Wiki

This is the new construction D&D, giving free xp for contstruction, slayer and prayer. Copernicus has a little problem, every month the statues he made of the gods that reign there are being destroyed. He wants you to help him rebuild them. Giving constuction xp.

Locations:   - Lumbridge, north west farm on the road to Falador

            - Taverly, south of the heroes guild

            - Canfis, north east of Canfis

            - Yanille, just south of Yanille

building the statue

When you have chosen which god statue you are gonna make, you need to set the collums. Corpenicus says how much you have and how high the lowest and highest collums are. With this you place the collums and click on his head icon, he will then say if a collum is good or not, and if it needs to be lower or higher.

You can chose which type of god statue you make, if it fits the region you can pray at it for prayer xp. If it doesnt fit the region and you pray at it you can fight a fanatic, killing it gives slayer xp.

With ±80s skills I got 13k construction xp/statue and 8k prayer or slayer xp/statue.