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This money making guide is all about killing Varrock or Falador guards as this can be another efficient guide to making some quick and easy cash, The guards will drop 3 grapes at a time which would be worth around the price of 4k for all 3, The drop rate is around 70% each kill for a Falador Guard, The locations are quite simple to get to you could use a Varrock Lodestone and run north into the entrance of the castle to the east of the grand exchange, but for Falador Guards you could use Falador Lodestone and run slightly to the south. Varrock Guards would have a higher chance of Dropping the Grapes more often over the Falador Guards as they are slightly Harder to kill.

Guard Type Level of Guard
Falador Guard 26
Varrock Guard 36

This method would make around 270k a hour which is decent for a player with a low combat level.