Athalvard Wiki

Early Bird - Resources[]

Every Tuesday at 8PM UST the Clan Citadel build tick will happen, resetting your weekly resource cap and configuring updates to the citadel from the previous week.


This early bird event happens every tuesday just after the citadel resets and is a great chance for you to come and do your resources early and get them out of the way so you have less to worry about during the week.

The clan avatar will be active between the time of 8PM UST and 10:30PM UST for the entire duration of this event, giving you enough time to get your minimum 800 resources done or more whilst benefitting from the Avatar's 3% or 6% xp boost.

Clan Meeting[]

Clan Meetings are held every Saturday at 7PM UTC.


These meetings are a great chance for everyone to get together and discuss the goings on of the clan and put forward/discuss new and current ideas for the clan. These meetings are very insightful and it is reccomended you go to them. Meetings last up to 30 minutes.